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I made this mod as a personalized police enhancement mod, using all the knowledge I learned by modding and testing myself, as well as learning from other modders.

I have re-added many unused police assets and made officers more proficient in combat.
I'll list off some features here.


-SMGs, Rifles, Shotguns for both Police and NOOSE.
-All with varying attachments.

-Expanded vehicle selection for LSPD.
-RIOT van and Annihilator added for NOOSE.

-Cops can now bust the player at 2 stars on foot, allowing for extended foot chases.
-NOOSE combat behaviour expanded and improved, making them stand out from regular police.

Dispatch changes:
-Changed ammount and type of police at each wanted level.

Credit: Cpast for combat tweaks ASI (I have permission to use it)

Requirements: OpenIV

Installation: Using OpenIV Find the according folders for certain files and drop them in there. If you're having trouble leave a comment, I'll get back to you within around 24 hrs.

"If you get into bed with the LSPD, don't expect to get out without having been ripped 3 new assholes." - me, the idiot who made this after playing Max Payne 3 and becoming a cool line junkie.
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