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This is my 4th ReShade Preset and I've decided to stick with 3.0
This project is aimed at bringing some realistic aspects to the game, use what you want
All screenshots are taken in first person so you can see what it looks like, apart from the last 4 for the cinematic effect
I can't stress this enough but you need LA Roads and VisualV (latest version) to get the full experience of this
By the way cos ReShade 3 has issues, once in game press SCROLL_LOCK and tick the "adaptive sharpen" box if it isn't already ticked
View stronger peds here , this is using the "even stronger peds" files
2.0 - 27/01/2017
-Fixed trains.xml error
-Visualsettings now slightly smaller bokeh effect
-New motionblur fixes weird effect in first person
-Redid Benny's reflections and other minor ones
-Fixed texture mipmaps
-Increased sharpen effect
-Adapted chrome vehicle reflections (ENB)

1.9 - 20/01/2017
-More realistic trains.xml (train sound configs etc)
-More realistic dispatch.meta (vehicle dispatch times)
-All of these are in optional folder
-Graphics Work coming in next update! (2.0)

1.8 - 18/01/2017
-Added a "more intense motion blur" to optionals folder
-Added bigger bokeh *example* to optionals folder
-Next update will contain realistic emergency vehicle dispatches :)

1.7 - 17/01/2017
-Added new sign textures can be seen in images
-Signs are part of upcoming "Texture Me" project, but I'll release some from time to time, I'll make a Google Drive/GitHub repository where you can view new updates etc since progress will be heavy to download

1.6 - 14/01/2017
-Removed timecycle files as VisualV .300 update came out
-Added new textures for misc props across Los Santos - more coming soon
-Updated Shaders which wouldn't work for some people

1.5 - 02/01/2017
-Added clear.xml

1.4 - 02/01/2017
-Fixed ReShade issues not working for some people (yet again)
- Added extrasunny.xml

1.3b - 02/01/2017
-Added new ReShade DLL

1.3a - 23/12/2016
-Updated ReadMe with more detailed instructions
-Fixed ReShade paths so you don't have to edit them

1.3 - 23/12/2016
-Animals no longer report crime (wtf rockstar)
-Added real life textures for mule vehicle (Pepsi, Coke, Sprite, RedBull, Monster & Tango) view pictures here

1.2 - 23/12/2016
-Re-made ped health values and added file into optionals folder
-Added 2 versions of ped health settings, strong (basically like real life), and extra strong (for those who like to fight, I'd recommend using a knuckle duster however)

1.1a - 23/12/2016
-Increased strength of waving vegetation, should now look more realistic
-Wind settings in snow weathers (blizzard, snow, snowlight) have been re-done

1.1 - 21/12/2016
-Added waving vegetation into optionals folder (where all plants in game react to the wind)

1.0b - 22/12/2016
-Lowered intensity of normal vehicle glass reflections

1.0a - 22/12/2016
-Added optional higher vehicle reflections

1.0 - 21/12/2016
-Shaders used - Sharpen and FXAA, mostly relies on Timecycle, LA Roads and Visualsettings
-There's two ENB files, 1 of them in optional folder with higher vehicle reflections and one with normal, you can see comparison in screenshots
-I have edited a Timecycle and Visualsettings files so your game can look like mine but I am still waiting for permission to upload (Probably gonna come in update 2.x, and VisualSettings in update 1.x)
-Visual Setting is mainly for the bokeh (DOF Effect as seen here)
-I'm working on a DOF hotkey too but I need to specify the co-ordinates of focused area and they're pretty difficult as focus plane always changes, e.g. on foot or in vehicle


UI is cool and don't have to ALT+TAB out and risk crashing my game because AMD is crap and steam sucks aswell

Updates coming soon and make sure you read the read me

Download .DLL files here if ReShade and ENB ones don't work

This mod is made for LA Roads and LA Vegetation by CRYHD which I recommend using, if you're not using it already

-In-Game DOF effects should be enabled
-MSAA on X4 unless you're using DSR

Download VisualV here here

Download L.A Roads here

Download L.A Vegetation here


Special thanks to Razed, Matt, Adriano, Quant
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