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Windy City (GTA 5 Chicago) is a map modification developed by Dekurwinator, FV Mods, Jdmimport and Lozano.
Mod was critically acclaimed and featured on several known and less known publication websites dedicated to games and tech.

Windy City 1.3 CHANGELOG:
-added new playable areas of fully reimagined O'Block projects, Maggie Daley park and Millennium park

Windy City 1.2 CHANGELOG:

-3 billboards and railing on Lake Shore Drive. Billboards feature Grand Senora Desert tourism Advertisement, Cluckin' Bell and a vehicle sale commercial
-Cargens (random parked vehicles) and fencing on west part of the map
-Traffic path node (YND) fixes close to The Trump Tower area with 2 intersections trimmed and fixed. Additional traffic with detailed lanes ("HD Traffic") added to loop around the adjacent block
-Michigan tunnel collision fix, no more invisible wall glitches
-Marina Tower now has added and corrected window textures that reflect at day and night using spec shader
-Rearrangement of roadblock barriers and addition of more instances to prevent players to venture into non-playable areas of the map. A "floating" road barrier near the big crane has been corrected and positioned accordingly
-Navmesh (YNV) fixes which prevent NPC's from spawning and falling into their death near Milennium Park, building near The Trump Tower and patched peds that used to spawn within concrete blocks on Lake Shore Drive and within the area where the new parking cargens and railing was added
-Additional interior (unreachable by normal means)

Windy City 1.11 CHANGELOG:

-Collision fix since the sideffect of non-functionality brought by GTA Online The Contract DLC
-Full, standalone release in 2 installation methods: manual and automated installation via OpenIV Package file (OIV)
-Main menu fix (No more headache trying to manually find the map)

Windy City 1.1 CHANGELOG:

- New traffic nodes
- Added clothes store MLO interior
- EMS (Emergency Services) MLO interiors
- Block expansion with EMS objects, new roads, land and rearrangement of initial map
- Traffic light prop fixes
- Light pollution file misplacement correction

Changelog is also outlined in the ReadME.txt file in the download archive.

The High Definition area of Downtown Chicago was extracted from the Racing Sim game Race Driver GRID 2, developed by Codemasters. Source map was edited from a mod Race Map Pack by Derkuwinator:
It was then further remastered to see use in free roam gameplay styles that Grand Theft Auto is well known for.
Google Maps 3D scanned area is added as complementary to the existing as to certify map is not an island and rather an illusive landlocked zone. GTA 3 (III) was the only 3D GTA to feature such a way of depicting a world to players of the franchise.

LEGAL: Assets used within this modification are largely IP (Intellectual Property), but not limited to Codemasters, Google, Rockstar Games, and Take-Two Interactive respectively. Please refer to the company website(s) for more information:
Take-Two Interactive
Rockstar Games
Google Maps

Content depicted is in no way endorsed or associated with Codemasters, Rockstar Games, Take-Two Inc, nor Google.

Mod Credits:
Race Map Pack, Dekurwinator
GTA 5 Chicago, FV Mods, Lozano, Jdmimport
2008 Liberty City Metro Train Replace 1.0, Derpy-Canadian
GTA V Enhanced Cloud Depth & Atmosphere 1.2, nkjellman, CP, robi29, Razed
Simple Trainer, sjaak327

Rockstar North and Rockstar Games in its entirety.

Tool credits:
OpenIV, OpenIV Team
GIMS EVO, 3Doomer
GIMS IV, 3Doomer
CodeWalker, dexyfex
OpenMapTools, dexyfex
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