Underwater Mafia Headquarters (Yacht Nightclub coverup) 3.0

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The map is a bit difficult to install so read ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS carefully
If you got some problems, dont worried, just ask me before giving bad quote or rageous coments.
I spend something like 150 hours on this map so please, respect the work :)

Not enought screens to show you all stuffs, try by yourself ;)
Take care to the FPS drop, the map is very big!

In this new archive, i let you the choice to install 1.2, 2.0 or 3.0 version.

3.0: (screen 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5)
- Add a scuba diving underwater room (with the submersible) (screen 4)
- Add an helipad under the water level (screen 4 and 5)
- Because of a "water.xml bug" i replace the water of the waterfall area by false water (screen 1, you can see the water color difference)

- Add installation vidéo (bad quality) Installation

- Improvement of the yacht nightclub (now you need menyoo PC trainer to load it, so delete your gtamp-unlock-all-objects.asi of your gta main folder)
- Add peds
- Correct little placement bugs

1.2 quick fix:
- Correct the "yacht nightclub inside road" bug
- Improvement of the yacht nightclub entrance
- Add peds


*ScriptHook V
*ScriptHook V .NET
*Map Builder
*LAST Map Editor
*LAST Menyoo PC


This map add a new mafia underwater headquarters in a new lake at Vinewood Hills, covered by a yacht nightclub to clear their dirty money.
She contains a lot of vehicles and objects from the new DLC with:

  • Private underwater garage
  • Public car park
  • Private underwater airport
  • Yacht Nightclub
  • Public marina
  • Luxurious private underwater headquarters
  • Private underwater depot

  • __________________________________________

    yacht nightclub.xml ==> 0 pickup, 139 objects, 0 vehicles, 0 peds, 0 markers
    headquarters1.xml ==> 8 pickup, 782 objects, 1 vehicles, 14 peds, 7 markers
    headquarters2.xml ==> 0 pickup, 174 objects, 2 vehicles, 0 peds, 1 markers
    headquarters3.xml ==> 0 pickup, 949 objects, 59 vehicles, 52 peds, 3 markers
    ===> 8 pickup, 2044 objects, 62 vehicles, 66 peds, 11 markers


    To avoid bug, please delete your IvalidObjects.ini (if you got it) of your GTAV/scripts folder

    • Download Underwater Mafia Headquarters
    • Download and instal ScriptHook V, ScriptHook V .NET and OpenIV
    • Instal Map Builder by OmegaKingMods
      (OmegaKing I allows me to redo a little explanation because yours is not very simple :) )

      -1- Download it and extract the archive where you want (on the desktop for example)

      -2- Run OpenIV

      -3- Go in tools and select "package Installer"

      -4- Navigate to Desktop/Map Builder Directory/Map builder2 and select "preload.oiv"
      - select "install" and choose "mods folder", not "game folder"

      -5- Repeat the step 4 with "Map Builer2.oiv" located in Desktop/Map Builder Directory/Map builder2
      - Repeat the step 4 with "Natural.oiv" located in Desktop/Map Builder Directory/Map builder2/DLC/Texture Packs
    • Stay in OpenIV and go to edit mode, Navigate to "mods/common.rpf/data/level/gta5"
      And replace "water.xml" with the one included in the archive.
    • Install the LAST Menyoo PC trainer by MAFINS
    • Install the LAST Map Editor by Guadmaz
    • Copy yacht nightclub.xml to: Grand Theft Auto V/menyooStuff/Spooner
    • Copy headquarters1.xml, headquarters2.xml and headquarters3.xml files, to your GTA main folder.
    • Ingame, press F8 to open Menyoo PC trainer, Go to "Object Spooner", "Manage Saved Files", "yacht nightclub" and select "load placement" (ITS VERY IMPORTANT TO LOAD THIS FILE FIRST !!)
    • Press F7 to open Map Editor, select "load map", "file chooser", and load the 3 files in order (headquarters1, headquarters2 and finaly headquarters3)
    • Have fun :)


  • Sometimes the water can do stranges things when you swim or use the submersible (you can fall a little) but nothing very annoying. I'm still working on this bug

  • __________________________________________

    Thanks to:
    - Guadmaz for Map Editor
    - MAFINS for Menyoo PC
    - OmegaKingMods for Map Builder


    * Create maps for this game is a big work and take a lot of time !! So if you like my uploads and want to encourage me,
    you can donate by the way of paypal by clicking under my nickname or at this link
    Donate me



    Enjoy !!

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