TopGear Track 2.0


This Map Editor track is an accurate copy of the real Top Gear Track.
I used Google Earth for measurements. It's not perfect, but pretty close to the real one.

2.0 There was still the same bug. Fixed it again. Now it should work for all cars. Also community Races.

1.0 There was a bug in the track. The underground props accelerated the cars unintentionally. I fixed it. But be careful not to get out of the track, because then you will be accelerated again.

0.3 Changed the track again at the Follow Trough. Now the whole track is nearly perfect. +
Added Community Race slow cars! (like the reasonable priced cars in the show)

0.2 Changed the track a little at the Bentley Bend. Now it's more like the original track!
+ Added Community Race fast cars! (like the supercars in the show)

1. You need the newest map editor from @Guadmaz.
2. Just copy my TopGear.xml File into the GTA 5 root directory.
3. Press in game F7, new map, load map TopGear
4. You will find the map in the sea near the Fort Zancudo airport.
5. Have fun!

For Community Races
1. You need newest Community Races from @Guadmaz.
2. Copy scripts folder (with folder and files in it) into the GTA5 root directory.
3. You will find the races in game near the TopGear Track start.

Maybe I will expend this map with houses and a carpark. But I can't promise.

The map is best played with @Killatomate's Realistic Driving Mod.

Feel free to make videos of your records.

Sometimes after the finishing of a community race the provided cars at the start are vanished. Just reload the track then again.

When making a video with the Rockstar editor the track looks buggy. Use an other video recorder.
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