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Do you remember the Race Wars from Fast & Furious 1,races,auto show and music so this is the GTA V Race Wars
Warning:if you have many car mods and you're playing at max settings there can be some fps drops
I will update this to v1.1 soon peace
v1.1) There is more peds now in front of the concert and in front of a few cars
v1.2) Each Emergency vehicle has peds,the stage has a second stair
now,there is a 3rd camera,there is a guy taking notes at the finish line
v1.3) There is now more peds around the cars
v1.4) I made a drag race,so now you can also race here,NOTE: to use drag by dj scream you will need Community Races from Guadmaz
v1.5) Drag by DJ SCREAM has now more cars,2 guys working on 2 engines at Race Wars,all the cars that are lined up to race have peds now,hotdog post,3 arcade machines,alcohol post,and more check it out
v1.6) Drag by DJ SCREAM v1.0 is now in Race wars so you will have 2 drag races,also there is now people on the left side of the race
v1.7) More bikes has been added to both Drag by DJ SCREAM and Drag by DJ SCREAM v1.0
place racewars.xml or racewars.ini in your gta v directory
open the scripts folder ,open the Races folder and place drag by dj scream.xml and drag by dj scream 1.xml
open gta v and in game open map editor,load map and type "racewars" and enjoy
NOTE: if you load race wars and drag by dj scream or drag by dj scream 1 is not working properly like the race cars doesn't show in the race than clear the map and load race wars again,you can also use drag by dj scream without loading race wars
Do Not put this file in the AutoLoadMaps folder,i'm not responsible if you do so and your game crash
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marvin lebar
do not upload this to any other sites without my permission.
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