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Clementine House from the Telltale Games series The Walking Dead: Definitive Edition. [Video Presentation Displayed]


3.0 Features:

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1. 2x4 Boards have been removed off of door.
2. Patio light bulbs outside next to sliding door entrance have been added.
3. Tire Swing has been added to Treehouse.
4. Back gate open / closes.
5. Blinds are opened / windows added.
6. Interior Wallpaper has been restored & clean. (No rips, stains, or cracks) Original Wallpaper.
7. Driveway textures fixed
8. Clean Swimming Pool (No Algae)
9. Glass door now slides open
10. Whiter kitchen tiles
11. Floating Object in Kitchen removed.
12. Kitchen Counters darker (Original Color)
13. Cabinet stains removed.

(Coming Soon)

(Stay tuned for [Final]

1. Back of the house will be fixed.
2. Gaps of the bottom of the house will be fixed
3. Back door will be funtional.
4. Climbable rope ladder will be added to Treehouse.
5. Treehouse door will open up & down for AJ.
6. Stains will be removed off of door blinds.
7. Ceiling will be cleaned.
8. Tire swing will have physics
9. Original fence prop will be added.
10. Kitchen shelves with dishes will be added.
11. Missing furniture pieces will be added.
12. Original Props off ground fixed.

2.0 [Cleanup] Features:

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Sandra (Clementine's Babysitter) turned into a Walker and started wrecking the house. This is a Major Update as it will cover the Following:

1. Furniture has put back in their proper place.
2. Trash has been picked up
3. Mats have been straightened
4. Glass door is now clean & clear.
5. Coloring Book & Crayons have been back on kitchen counter
6. Cabinet Doors & Drawers have been closed and added to missing ones.
7. Yellow Flower Restored

1.1 [Lights] Features:

1. Kitchen & Living Room now have ceiling lights.
2. Kitchen Corner Walls have been Fixed.

(Next Update will be Major. Stay Tuned)

1.0 [Release] Features:

[Video Presentation Displayed]

1. Mailbox has been moved to the front of driveway.
2. House, Garage, & Tree House Prop has been Moved Back
3. Flickering Textures have been Fixed.
4. Back of the Wooden Porch has been Restored.
5. A Driveway has been added.
7. Some Peds have been removed from property.
8. A Ceiling Light has been added to Dining Room.

Instructions for 1.0 [Release]

1) Put clem-house and clem-land in your dlcpacks

2) Add the below lines to dlclist.xml and save dlclist.xml file


3) Finally replace stilt houses.ymt in mods\update\update.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\scenario

About: This is a complete port of the house.


1. There isn't much to this house, as it is a complete port from the original game. There isn't an upstairs leading to the 2nd story because it was never revealed in The Walking Dead: Definitive Edition. Had things added to it to make it more interesting.

2. Back of the house had to be flipped around due to difficulties of swimming pool installment.

[Beta] Features: This is the first beta Launch & still in development, so please excuse any bugs or misplacements, they will be fixed in the next update.

This MLO contains the following:

1. Kitchen
2. Living Room
3. Patio
4. Original Treehouse Prop
5. Functional Television Enabled By Simple Trainer. (Teleports / Other Teleports / Enable TV)
6. Functional Swimming Pool
7. Functional Garage Reworked, but Flipped Around
10. Original Interior
11. Original Props Inside the House

Instructions for [Beta]

Copy the clem-house & clem-land into "mods/update/x64/dlcpacks".
Add dlcpacks:/clem-house/ & dlcpacks:/clem-land/ at the end of your dlclist.xml in (mods/update/update.rpf/common/data)

Credit: Spyk Makafi
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