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    @TeamMOH Have been waiting for someone to do a motorhome, constantly checking the "Bus" section... The other day, I decided to look for a CLK - once I realized there was a section devoted to Mercedes Benz! I thought I died and went to heaven, when on the first page - THE most beautiful (IMHO) Mercedes creation to grace the GTA Franchise, EVER! Your attention to detail, is literally second-to-none; Thank you, so much, for this work of art! I mean it. I absolutely love it!
    I'm curious, though: Is Menyoo an absolute must, I mean to enjoy the full assortment of extras? I use pc_trainer, that has the 'Open Door' feature, but not sure if it will do the "Attach" tasks? I already have it, just haven't tried it yet.

    6. november 2019