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    How do we solve these problems?
    I'd love to, but it's going to stop after the first run.

    [14:05:44] [DEBUG] EnhancedTaxiMissions.vb successfully compiled.
    [14:05:44] [INFO] One script was found in EnhancedTaxiMissions.vb identified as API 2.10.13.
    Loading [14:05:44] [DEBUG] Assembly target.dll...
    Verify [14:05:44] [WARNING] API version 0.0.0.
    In [14:05:44] [INFO] target.dll, one script was validated as API 2.10.13.
    [14:05:44] Instances the [DEBUG] script.EnhancedTaxiMissions...
    [14:05:44] [INFO] Started the EnhancedTaxiMissions script.
    [14:05:44] Instances the [DEBUG] script target.It's a hitman.
    [14:05:44] Started [INFO] script target.It's a hitman.
    [14:08:51] [ERROR] A fatal unhandled exception occurred.
    System.Overflow. exception<T>: overflow caused by arithmetic operation.
    Location: Improved TaxiMissions.payPlayer (32 inches).
    Location:Advanced tax levy.PlayerHasStoppedAtDestination().
    Location: Select EnhancedTaxiMissions.checkIfPlayerHasStopAtDestination().
    Location:Advanced tax levy.Update (object sender, EventArgs e).
    Location: SHVDN.Script.MainLoop().
    An exception occurred while running the [14:08:51] [ERROR] EnhancedTaxiMissions script.
    [14:08:51] [WARNING] Script aborted.

    3. august 2020