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    @THEAETIK So it messed it up lol redux is more than a graphics mod, changes car speed and a bunch of other stuff read all that after I installed. first game I couldn't move just ran in place could only shoot and blink, could blink to the sky and stand there and shoot everyone, next game i had no car and fell out of sky dont know if that is supposed to happen sometimes. also menu screen cant see avatar. played 4 games and same every time. Anyways, just letting you know.

    Game Enhancements
    * Police System
    * Weapons, Melee, Explosions & Damage
    * Population, Random Events & Pedestrian Ai
    * Vehicles
    * Ragdoll, Euphoria, Physics

    24. mars 2021
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    @THEAETIK Awwe makes sense, ty. btw great mod, reinstalled gta just to try it, enjoying the hell out of it.

    24. mars 2021
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    Im new to gtav modding, so if this is a dumb question, sorry in advance. Will this work with GTA Redux? I have this installed already, can i install redux or will it f it up?

    23. mars 2021