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    @Nugthug77 Well in order to get the vehicles to spawn in game you need to make sure you correctly add the vehicle information to the vehicles.meta. You can drop files in a dlc folder but without the metas configured correctly it wont work. Find a car addon and take the vehicles and meta files out of it and use them to create your own dlc pack. If it still doesnt work then there is an issue with the addon creator and theres no hope. I had so many issues with this after hours and hours of trying to get my vehicles to spawn in without weird colors or issues I abandoned it and found a much better, simpler way to make any vehicle into an addon.

    9. juli 2021
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    When I use this for police peds dont recognize it as an emergency vehicle and dont yield, they also wont pull over when trying to initiate a traffic stop in lspdfr. I have gone through the vehicle meta and it has all the correct flags. For some reason after changing vehicle model name els log says that vehicle model is not valid which I am assuming is why peds dont yield. Help please. All the cars I put in the dlc spawn with a green pearlescent I cant take off also.

    15. juni 2021