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    @TheF3nt0n I'm pretty sure I did install a gameconfig.xml. I can download it again and place it in for good measure if I haven't actually done so

    22. desember 2020
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    @TheF3nt0n I found the lines of text in the vehicle.meta file and replaced both of the vehicles with the supplied text but when launching the game I'm continually getting a game crash when loading story mode

    21. desember 2020
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    @TheF3nt0n I'm a little confused with what has to be done to the lines of text that go into the vehicle.meta file. do they replace whole lines of text, if so where in the file? or do they get inserted underneath existing lines of text? apologies if this seems like a basic question, I'm new to GTA V modding

    20. desember 2020